Last-Minute Call For Volunteers Stuns Food Bank As Volunteer Slots Are Filled Within Hours

As Hurricane Harvey crashed into the coast of Texas, people began to work as quickly as they possibly could to lend assistance, resources, and help in any way they could. One food bank in San Antonio reached out to people in the area asking for help. They wanted to assemble emergency boxes filled with food, water, and supplies for people who were being displaced by the shocking flood waters.

The food bank put out a request for more volunteers as the hurricane ripped through the cities and caused massive destruction with torrential rains and flooding.

Four hours after asking for help, dozens and dozens of people arrived to help pack boxes, organize donations, and get the job done. So many people arrived to help, they were quickly turned away and scheduled to arrive on the following days to continue the work.

They are using their viral story to remind people that the best items to donate are diapers, baby formula, bottles, nonperishable foods, and monetary donations. The food bank also wanted to remind people about goods that should not be donated, such as used clothing, stuffed animals, and items that can’t be immediately distributed. Instead, they suggest holding a garage sale and donating the funds received to a local relief effort instead – the money will go farther than clothing that needs to be washed and sorted.

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