Labrador ‘Dials 911’ And Saves Elderly Man After Heart Attack

Jessie is an assistance dog who had lived with Phillip McKenzie for three years before the incredible incident. McKenzie had been watching television on the couch in his living room when he suddenly felt…odd. He started feeling shortness of breath, and a severe pain began to form in his chest.

I knew right away that it wasn’t good,” he said after the incident.

As soon as he felt the pain begin, he tried to reach the phone. He stood up from the couch, but after only a few steps, he collapsed onto the floor. The pain was so intense that he couldn’t even cry out for help. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he hoped that Jessie would somehow know what to do and fetch help.11-3a1

Luckily, Jessie was quick to act. Almost as soon as McKenzie fell to the ground, Jessie was there, licking his face and trying to get the man to stand up. When he didn’t move, Jessie ran to the K9 alarm and activated the switch, summoning 911 as she had been trained to do. The K9 alarm calls an emergency dispatcher, who answered and expected to speak to someone…but McKenzie was in too much pain to answer. So, Jessie began barking frantically, and the dispatcher sent paramedics to the address.

McKenzie must have passed out, as the next thing he remembers is waking up in the ambulance.

McKenzie’s daughter insisted that he get Jessie and install the alarm three years before after he fell in his bath and injured his hip. McKenzie now realizes that her “overreaction,” as he had called it at the time, saved his life.


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