Kitten Was Too Sad After Being Given A “Cone Of Shame”…So Dad Gets One Too!

Rengar and his human have been best friends ever since Rengar was a tiny kitten. At just six months old, his human has been around for as long as he can remember, and they do just about everything together. From naps to cuddles to play time, Rengar is never that far from his human dad…but when it was time for the curious kitty to take a trip to the vet, he changed his tune.

Rengar was neutered, and as a part of the recovery process, was required to wear a cone of shame so that he wouldn’t bother with his recovering wound. The only problem? The cat was normally excitable and curious, but ever since having to wear his medical cone, he was upset.  He didn’t want to cuddle or do the things he normally liked doing. He must have felt sad and withdrawn, and his change in behavior was very noticeable.

So, dad did the only thing he knew how to do…

He couldn’t remove the cone, but he could wear one himself! In a matter of minutes, he had fashioned his very own “cone of shame” to wear in support of his cat. As soon as Rengar realized that they were wearing matching cones, his attitude changed instantly! No one is sure why it worked, but as long as it does, he’ll wear the cone in support of his cat!

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