Kitten Tries To Convince Best Friend To Play, Doesn’t Workout So Well

Some days, you just can’t get what you want no matter how hard you work for it. This is the lesson this eager and energetic kitten learned today while asking the dog to play and pay attention. Unfortunately, the big one is not interested on an epic level. The cat has done it all but to no avail. Not today, little pussycat, not today.

It makes you wonder as to how many things can you liken the experience of this cat to and also the reaction of the dog. It can be one of those days when your toddler tries extremely hard to get you out of the chair and into playing outside the yard, only you have been working your ass off the entire week and your energy and enthusiasm matches that of a teaspoon. This can also be one of those times when you desperately seek attention from your significant other but it is just not working your way. Can you think of any more similar kitten-and-dig scenarios?

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