Kitten Discovered While Family Did Lawn Work At Just One Month Old!

One blustery day in October, a family was trying to control the leaves that had overtaken their yard. Piles of dead and dying leaves were everywhere, and the quickest way to whip the lawn into shape was to break out their leaf blower. Within moments, however, a small white blur tumbled and stumbled out of one of the leaf piles when the leaf blower huffed past, startling the family and making them panic. What was that?!

It turned out to be a one month old kitten that had been abandoned and left for dead. The starving kitten could barely hold its head up and hadn’t eaten for some time, as best the family could estimate. They knew they were in over their heads and called a woman that they knew loved animals, Aly Grubbs. Grubbs took the kitten home. She was covered in fleas and wasn’t used to physical contact. Once she had picked off all the fleas and wrapped him in a warm towel, the kitten immediately calmed down and began to purr.

She took him to the veterinarian, who confirmed that the kitten would need constant care, milk, and cuddles if she wanted it to thrive.

The cat was named “Cinders” for the black and gray fur on her tail and feet, after Cinderella.
Ten months later, Cinders is thriving and happy!

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