Kitten Discovered Covered In Maggots On The Side Of The Road And Makes Incredible Transformation

While driving down the road, Kathleen and her friend spotted an animal on the side of the road. When they passed it, they realized that the pitiful creature might still be alive. They turned around and decided to check on it. That was in the summer of 2012, and the journey that followed would be one that they remembered for years to come.

The cat was covered in scratches and its wounds were infested with maggots. It was terribly small, but not weak. They picked up the kitten and put it into a spare cardboard box, but the small animal attempted to escape for their entire car ride home.

Kathleen had never had a cat before – her brother and father were allergic – but once her mother saw the state of the kitten she knew they should make an exception. They bathed the kitten in warm soapy water before taking him to the vet.

The vet prescribed antibiotics and treated the maggots, but for months, the kitten struggled to recover. One day, he became more alert. Over the next week, he seemed to be a completely new cat.

Years later, he looks nothing like he did on that fateful day on the side of the road! He was introduced to the family’s three dogs and quickly became “the boss.” Kathleen can’t imagine her life if she hadn’t have stopped to pick up the tiny kitten on the side of the road that day and was so glad that she did!

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