Kitten Born With Eyebrows Looks Perpetually Concerned With Everything And Everyone

When Gary was born, his humans thought that he was worried – all of the time.

He said ‘hello!’ to the world with two small black specs where his eyebrows would probably be, comically set at an angle that made him look confused, troubled, and more often than not, concerned! The curious kitten was adorably exploring his new surroundings with a perpetual glance at everything that moved, and as he grew older, his little eyebrows grew even more pronounced!

His humans began to document his every move, and pretty soon, he had quite a large following! It turns out that thousands and thousands of people were interested in this “Concerned Cat” did every day, and he’s now gone viral for his precious outlook on life!

It isn’t every day that animals emulate the humans they live with, and most of the time, the animals can’t help the way that they look. Sure, Gary tries to stay as clean as possible, but he’ll probably never know why everyone always wants to say hi and take his picture. Here he is, doing normal cat things like yawning or staring at a squirrel across the street…But to all of us, he looks as if he’s just heard some incredibly shocking news, or realized that he’s left his oven on after leaving for work.

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