Kit Kat Released A New Flavor That No One Asked For. Would YOU Try It?

How far is too far? This. This is probably too far.

With the love of everything “pumpkin” during the fall (apparently) more companies are trying to cash in to the pumpkin-themed hype. Don’t be surprised if your local sandwich shop tries to sell you on some sort of pumpkin-bread-monstrosity, or you see more and more pumpkin-colored versions of totally normal things. Kit Kat is the latest company to go full steam ahead on the pumpkin bandwagon, and people are confused…and after they give it a moment, really excited.

The chocolate industry is always trying new things, like the Ruby Chocolate being developed, but Kit Kat loves to throw together crazy flavor combinations to keep things fresh and new.

The candy still has that delicious signature set of wafers inside, but the creamy chocolate coating is what gives this candy its pumpkin pie spin. For people who love the taste of pumpkin, this is probably a dream come true.

Even though these special bags have been released in the month of September, several months away from any pumpkin-y holiday, keep an eye out for these colorful orange bags in stores near you…if you like pumpkins, may it be everything you hope it will!

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