Keep Your House Clean With 30 Minutes A Day!

Before I found my “rhythm” for keeping my house tidy, I found myself sprinting to clean up just before guests or family arrived. It was always a hectic scramble to try and shove the dirty laundry into the bins and find places for all of the random toys and misplaced items that littered the family room. The kids could never invite friends over without checking with me, first, either. It was a hard time, but what changed everything was finding a way to work the chores into my personal schedule!

Maybe you have a full-time job, maybe you only work part-time and take care of the kids after school, or maybe you’re a full-time parents who stays at home and runs errands for the family. Either way, getting into the habit of multi-tasking and fitting the cleaning into your own personal schedule is the key! Some of these chores you may not even need to do, depending on your home. It’s all about making a schedule that fits you!

10.23bMaking your bed every morning only adds a few seconds to your routine (unless you are like me, and find the covers have somehow twisted into a confusing knot and ended up on the floor) and makes your home feel cleaner. If the kids are old enough, add this to their daily chores, too. If they aren’t, help them! They’ll get it soon enough.

I only have 2 bathrooms in my house, so I grab a wet wipe from under the sink and run it over all the surfaces while I’m brushing my teeth and getting ready for the day. This doesn’t take much time, either, and it helps my “deep clean” days go much easier when I’m not scrubbing away at built-up gunk on the sink!

If you have a dishwasher, load it every night as you dirty a dish and teach your kids to start doing this, too. Rinse the dishes in the sink and toss any leftover food into the trash. Start the dishwasher every night just before you go to bed and empty it while you’re making breakfast! It won’t take long, and if everyone can remember to put their dirty dishes into the trays, you’ll almost never have to worry about the sink overflowing with grime between cleanings!

10.23aIf you don’t have a dishwasher, this can get tricky, and your “30 minutes” can turn into “45 minutes.” The easiest way to keep the sink clean without a dishwasher is to just have less dishes. Before we upgraded the kitchen, I would find myself buried in dishes after only a few hours. I finally had enough and packed EVERYTHING but 1 of everything for each person in the house. The kids were young back then, but washing 1 pot and 4 cups and 4 spoons and 4 bowls is infinitely easier than washing day’s worth of dishes all at once.

What about the laundry? I have dirty-clothes-bins in every bathroom and every room. At night, once everyone is dressed for bed, I usually yell “laundry time!” and everyone brings their bins to the laundry room. I toss all of the dirty clothes into the washer and give their bins back. I’m not about to stay up late doing laundry – this just makes it so much faster to start a load in the morning while the kids are eating breakfast! I have to do laundry every day, but you might be able to cut this out of your schedule if you have a smaller family. I find time to finish the load randomly throughout the day – but I usually have it folded by lunch.

TIP: Put a cute “random items” basket in each area of your house.

This is how I got over the frantic rush of tidying up right before guests came over. Instead of trying to scramble and put everything away, I just toss anything that goes in a different room into the basket. I usually give this sorting task to one of the kids because it’s easy to do, and the basket is usually only full of toys anyway. If the kids are too young for this task, grab a basket before bed and empty it by putting everything where it goes. It’s alright if you don’t get to all the baskets, but don’t let them pile up too high, or this will become an actual chore, turning your “30 minutes” into an hour. Been there, done that.

If you break up your household chores, you have plenty of time to tackle your daily chore in LESS than 30 minutes (unless you have a large house, or a lot of young children). I got this “30 minutes” from using the clock app on my phone. It has a stop watch, and I just started and stopped it one day to gauge how much time I was spending to keep the house tidy, and the number honestly surprised me.

My floors are all tile, and to be totally honest, I’m not great at keeping them clean. I hate sweeping, and mopping up is my least favorite chore in the entire world. I trade my Thursday floor-mopping chore for a random thing that needs to be done around the house, and my husband usually does this for us on his day off (bless him!).527s

I’ve come a long way from those first few hectic years of saving all of the cleaning to the last minute. I really hope that this method works for you! It has made my life so much easier, and gives me a lot more time to focus on my family and friends! Plus, if someone drops by unannounced, the most I have to worry about is that one little bin in the corner full of random toys.

The thing to keep in mind about schedules like these is that they should fit your schedule! If you just don’t have the time to do everything on this list, prioritize according to your family! A little bit here and there will make a world of difference at the end of the day!

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