Keep Your Home Cozy And BLOCK The Drafts With This Super Easy DIY Project!

Drafts tend to be a problem in older homes and townhouses, where the years have warped and stretched the wood or even shifted the foundation. This is usually nice in the warmer months because it keeps the house cooler than usual with stray drafts to stir the air, but in the winter, this can be frustrating! Running a heater is costly, and making a warm fire isn’t as effective if chilly breezes are whooshing in from under doors and between window ledges. The good news? Making draft blockers is quick, easy, and cheap!

First, measure the length of your doors! Take an old pair of jeans and cut them to to size (leave roughly a half inch for seam allowance). Many jeans are not made straight, so you’ll need to measure and cut them. If you want to decorate the fabric, do so while the fabric can lay flat!9-23a3Sew the seam from the inside and flip the jeans right-side-out. Stuff them full of pillow stuffing, dried beans, corn kernels, rice, kitty litter, or a combination! Use whatever you have on hand or whatever you can purchase for the lowest price. Sew up the end when you’re through.9-23a2 Make smaller versions with leftover fabric to block the drafts coming from window ledges, and enjoy a cozier, warmer home!9-23a1Many people make these draft stoppers with leftover fabric, but using jean material makes the stopper heavier and less likely to roll away after a particularly gusty draft. They also make great gifts! Will you be making a few of these for your home? See more details here!


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