Katy Perry DEMOLISHES A Fan’s Ex-Boyfriend…But This Guy DESERVED It! WARNING: Language!

Katy Perry. She’s known for having some very entertaining concerts, but one of the complaints that always surfaces is that she “can’t sing live.” Now, to be fair, can anyone really sing at 100% accuracy while jumping around on a stage and wearing tight outfits? Probably not. When the adrenaline is running, keeping a steady singing voice throughout an entire performance is a challenge, but she does a pretty good job of it. Better than most of us, I would say.

All I’m saying is that if you put me on a stage and gave me a microphone, 50,000 people would probably need appointments to check their ears soon after.

So what is all the fuss about? Apparently during one of her concerts, a fan tried to show Katy that her ex-boyfriend had said some unkind things about her performance ability. True to her own style, she could not just let that slide!

She took the phone and wrote a pointed response and attached a selfie to prove that it was her!


Ouch!! Obviously, the picture went VIRAL as soon as the screen shot was posted to social media! It’s not often that celebrities get to interact with their fans so intimately. With hectic schedules and being swarmed with tons of admirers any time they leave their houses, interactions like this are particularly rare.

Some people thought the picture was fake…until another fan uploaded a video proving that it really did happen! Cool!


She also decides to give the fan some life advice. “Do not text your ex!” You know what? That is solid advice!

These are the events that make me laugh because it reminds me that even though they are in the spotlight, celebrities are just like us in so many ways! If I had seen that message, I probably would have done something similar (although without the language) just to show them that I could!

This is one concert that this fan won’t ever forget, and it changed the way I see Katy Perry! Talk about fierce. Drop that mic.

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