Judge’s Sentence For Man Who Violated Protection Order By Texting Ex-Girlfriend 144 Times Is Bizarre

In the span of 3 hours, 30-year-old Daren Young began to furiously text his ex-girlfriend a barrage of horrible and vicious messages. The couple had broken up 9 months before, but for some reason, he thought it would be a good idea to ignore the court order forbidding him to contact her. His erratic behavior cost him 157 days in jail, fines adding up to $2,400, and 200 hours of community service…but as if that wasn’t enough, the judge ordered something else on top of it all, and it doesn’t actually make much sense. At all.

For every nasty thing you said about her, you’re going to say a nice thing,” the judge told Young, according to Maui News. “No repeating words.”

Seriously? The woman knew what kind of man she had been dating, going so far as to obtain an order that would keep him out of her life completely – even barring him from texting her.

In spite of the woman’s wishes, the judge ordered the man to write 144 compliments about his ex-girlfriend in 144 days. One for each nasty message and voicemail he had sent to his ex-girlfriend’s number.

As if she would want to even think about this man again, let alone receive forced compliments from him, the judge decided to ignore the woman’s plea to be left alone and told the man not to do it again.

Hopefully, the “compliments” get dumped into the nearest garbage bin.

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