John Boyega Is Warming Our Hearts In The SWEETEST Way Possible!

Daniel Bell was diagnosed with a brain tumor at just 5-years-old, but he had one very big wish!

He loves Star Wars, and he wanted to hand out toys to others kids in the hospital…alongside John Boyega, the actor who played Finn in the recent movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

The star happily agreed and went to the Royal London Hospital with Daniel and visited the children, handing out toys and staying in character the entire time!

3.24a21…rather than having Finn to himself he wanted Finn to meet the kids…and give them some toys.”


Dealing with illness is hard as an adult. Seeing children suffering is absolutely devastating. Children are supposed to enjoy life. They are meant to spend their time playing and learning, not coping with horrible illnesses and brain tumors.

It shouldn’t only be the stars that make a difference in these children’s lives! We can all reach out and brighten someone’s day. This little boy had his dream come true, and for as long as he lives, he will spread joy and happiness wherever he goes!

This story is perfectly heartwarming, and it’s no surprise that it has instantly gone VIRAL!

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