Jimmy John’s Employee Keeps His Cool…Security Cam Sees Moment Customer Pulls A Gun Out For A ROBBERY!

A Jimmy John’s employee from Missouri is making headlines for his completely chill reaction to being robbed at gunpoint. Most people would panic, or maybe even cry. But Tucker Murray, the store’s assistant manager, just stared back at the robber with a look of complete boredom, giving him the cash from the register and thinking about how he doesn’t get paid enough for this kind of thing.

The suspect (who has since been identified and taken into custody) ordered a sandwich, but when it came time to pay, pulled out a gun instead of a wallet.
Murray figured that the man wouldn’t actually shoot him over the robbery, so he says that he wasn’t scared. Just annoyed. He handed over all of the bills, and even started to gather up the loose change, but the robber left without taking the dozens of coins.

His two coworkers ran to the back and hid in the freezer while his manager stepped away and called 911 immediately.He wasn’t really affected by the robbery, though. He even finished his shift before going home later that night.

Meanwhile, the police are charging the fifty-four-year-old robber with being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Being able to stay calm in stressful situations is an incredible trait to have, and people think Murray should definitely be getting a raise.

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