Janitor Stopped In The Hallway By Students And Has To Fight Back TEARS When He Realizes Why!

For over ten years, Brian Junk has worked as the custodial supervisor for a high school in Michigan, earning the respect of the students over the years. He treats them with respect, and by the holiday break, he had earned theirs in return. One day, while working for the school, students noticed that the shoes he wore every day were looking a little worse for wear. They banded together and crafted a plan…

A while ago, one of the students had a conversation with Junk, at one point asking him what his shoe size was. He was a little confused, but kids are weird, so he didn’t think much of it.

Then on the Thursday before the students left for their winter break, they met him in the hallway with a gift!They told him that they appreciated how hard he worked for the school and had noticed that he was in need of some new shoes. They worked together to buy him some brand new work boots!

He was stunned! They were exactly the kind of boot that he needed. He worked on his feet for the better part of each day and they were greatly appreciated. So appreciated, in fact, that he had to make an effort not to cry in front of the students!

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