Italian Man Flew To The States To Give Something AMAZING To An American WWII Veteran!

Bennie Howard Jr. never thought he would see his dog tags again, and at 92 years of age, it seemed likely that he would pass away before anyone found them. The tags were dropped on a beach near Florence in Italy when he was only 19. What were the odds that anyone would ever find them again? After 73 years, they had most likely been washed out into the ocean and lost forever.7.11a3Until Jury Galli picked up the hobby of using a metal detector in his spare time. He spent his free time combing the beaches around his country in search of treasure, but instead found treasure of a different kind. A single tag made his detector beep, and when he dug it out of the sand, he knew it was special. There wasn’t much to go by. Two names and a town were printed clearly, but he had no idea when or why the tag would be on the beach.7.11a5He contacted the town of Wendell on Facebook, not sure if he would even get a reply. However, the town did a little research and discovered that Bennie was still alive and lived nearby.

Jury doesn’t speak much English, but knew that he couldn’t just mail it to him. He bought a plane ticket and decided to deliver it in person. The town honored the two during their annual 4th of July parade, and many people came out to thank Jury for his actions.

I remember for all my life, this moment.” Jury said in an interview.

Now THIS is the kind of story we love to hear!

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