It Wasn’t Until The END OF Their Date That The Man Decided Enough Was ENOUGH!

Servers have one of the hardest jobs out there. Juggling multiple tables, running back and forth for orders and remembering who needs what, dealing with the kitchen staff, and dealing with rude customers for an uncertain wage takes a special kind of skill that most people don’t realize. For this server, patience was pushed to the limit and it’s a wonder that they didn’t quit and walk out at that very moment! I can’t believe that some people could be so rude!

(It is a busy Saturday night. During the dinner rush, I have been dealing with a table of two 20-something year old men. The blond one has found something to complain about every time I’ve walked by while the brown-haired one just blushes and stays quiet. They’ve finished their meal.)

Blond Man: “Are you new here?”

Me: “No, sir. I’ve been a waitress here for two years and a waitress in another city for three years before that.”

Blond Man: “Then you have no excuse for how terrible this service was. The salad was wilty, and the entree was way too cold, and you were nowhere to be found. Plus, this place is far too noisy; I could barely hear myself speak! Honestly, I get better service at a fast food place.”

Me: “I’m sorry you feel that way. While there isn’t much I can do about the noise, I did offer to bring you different food before, but you said no.”

Blond Man: *waves me off* “Just bring me the check, and try not to be so slow about it for once.”

(I go and get the check, but when I return, the brown-haired man stands up and hands me a $20 bill.)

Brown-haired Man: “Here, this is your tip. He wasn’t going to give you one. As a former waiter myself, I thought you were doing a perfectly fine job. My food was great, and the service was fast even though you’re so busy right now.”

(He turns to his blond companion but speaks loud enough for nearby tables to overhear.)

Brown-haired Man: “People like you made my job so much worse, especially for making us work that much harder for no tip. So thanks for the meal, but you can go ahead and delete my number because there will be no second date. And by the way, potjevleesch is supposed to be served cold, you idiot.”

(With that, he left the restaurant without his date. It made the whole night worth it, to see that blond man speechless for once.)

The blond man was probably trying to “show off” to his date – especially not understanding that the dish he had ordered was traditionally served cold! He probably thought that if he acted better than the people around him, it would impress his date…unfortunately for him, being a JERK is not attractive to anyone with a brain! 

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