It Was Time To Get Dressed Up For Her School Picture. She Would NO Budge!

Having a school picture taken might not be as monumental as it was a few decades ago, but many parents still enjoy keeping them around to document the years as their child grows. Before cameras and cell phones became widespread, most families relied on the yearly picture to remember their child by and there was a certain amount of expectation that children needed to look their best. Now, children can get a little more creative because mom and dad probably have thousands of other photos to choose from!

So, when this guy’s daughter was allowed to pick her own outfit for picture day, dad was really,¬†really¬†proud of her. She wanted to dress as Superman, cape and all.10-19a6Being able to express herself made this photograph even more adorable than the standard “traditional” photo because it shows who she is, what she values, and that she truly does not care what anyone thinks. She holds her favorite toy and smiles proudly, excited to be Superman for a day, captured forever in a professional photograph and proudly displayed in her family’s home…probably for the rest of her life!

What would you do if your child wanted to dress up as their favorite character for a school picture? Some may have said they wouldn’t allow it…but after seeing how adorable this picture turned out, we think they will change their minds! She is just too cute!


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