It Was Supposed To Be A Maternity Shoot With Her Boyfriend…But He Had Other Ideas!

Louis Bruno agreed to do a maternity photo shoot with his girlfriend of 5 years, Lorenza Pardo. The pair had met in college and have been dating ever since. At 26 weeks pregnant, Lorenza wanted some adorable photographs to document the special occasion…but Louis had other plans!
5.17a37Lorenza’s best friend had connections with a talented photographer, so the pair booked a session as quickly as they could. They had planned it quickly, and her friends felt honored to be able to document the journey…

Louis, on the other hand, wanted to take this special occasion to the next level! While they were taking a picture back-to-back, Louis pulled something out of his pocket…5.17a38It was an engagement ring! He caught Lorenza completely off guard! She wasn’t suspecting a thing! She hardly remembers the moment because she was crying and shaking with so much joy! It was a good thing the photographer captured the moment!5.17a39The pair had been planning to get married for some time now, but between their jobs as teachers, finishing up the school year, and working on their Master’s degrees, Lorenza hadn’t expected such a big move so soon.

But of course, she said “yes!”5.17a40Louis even brought along an adorable onesie to document the special occasion! They couldn’t be more excited for their future! A wedding, a baby, and all at the beginning of their lives! They have a bright future ahead of them, and now their sweet story has gone viral.
5.17a41This is a beautiful moment, and the pictures are just perfection. I am in love with this story!

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