It Was Just A Short Taxi Ride Before A Long Journey, But She Saw An Opportunity To Make Someone’s Day!

Thinking about others is something that we usually have to work at. Noticing the people around us instead of staring through them, or making a point to say “hello” to the people checking out our groceries can make someone’s day easier to get through. Sometimes a smile is all it takes to turn a day into something worth remembering. But it doesn’t happen on its own…we have to actively search for ways to help the people around us! This woman found an opportunity to help lift a stranger’s spirits, and it made HER day, too!

I was riding in a taxi to the the bus stop from where I was supposed to take the bus to NYC. It was going to be a long journey and I had packed some chocolates to eat on the way.

When the ride was over, I paid the driver the due amount along with some tip.

He got my suitcase out of the trunk, I collected it and started walking away. So did he. However, something in my heart stirred – I recognized an opportunity to perform an act of kindness.

I decided that I wanted to give away all the chocolates to the driver that I was early on so excited to have for myself. After all, he had served me, even though it was just his job.

I gave them away, saw the bright smile light up his face and his eyes shone like they were the star Sirius, and felt my heart swell with happiness. It was neither a big act nor a very giving one, but it was truly blissful.

It wasn’t a big sacrifice. She could just pick up another bag of chocolates at the bus station. The taxi driver might not have had the same opportunity! The small gift would get him through the day. Through mean customers, long hours, or even just a hot afternoon, he would have a little bag of sweets to remind him that there are kind people in the world. And who knows, maybe he passed it on to someone else! We never know how far our kindness will spread!

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