It Was Her Turn To Go To College Full-Time, But Her Husband Had DESPICABLE Plans For Her Instead! When The Court Hears It? Victory!

It’s important to get big life decisions in writing. It doesn’t matter how much you love someone, or how much you trust them, when society places more value on the terms agreed to on a piece of paper over the “right” thing to do, you’ve got to protect yourself somehow. “Prenups,” sadly, are a necessary thing for those who have a lot of wealth to protect. No one likes to think about a time when their spouse might try to take advantage of them…but for one woman, she wished she had found a way to avoid the exact situation that many of us fear: when the person we love the most turns on us. 

So I met my husband when we were in college. We both agreed that I would work and support him while he went to law school, learning his profession full time. It was a sacrifice I agreed to make for him because I loved him, knowing we’d have a future together as a husband and wife. He agreed that after he graduated from law school, he’d work full time and put me through college. He graduated college, and got into a prestigious law firm as a junior associate.

Things paid off for him; he became part of an elite team of professionals and we got invited to parties all the time. At these, there were a lot of high powered individuals, not just from his career path. We met a lot of professional football players, elected officials, you name it.

The one thing I have noticed is that a lot of these men have girlfriends far younger than them or wives. And from what my husband said, even the ones that have married for years, will have a girlfriend on the side. My husband assured me that he was above that, that he loves me and has no plans on cheating or leaving me.

However, over time his critical gaze shifted to me. When we ate dinner, he made comments about me eating too much. He suggested that I go to the gym.

And I honestly think that his career has started going to his head. He has become a lot more arrogant, when we were looking to buy a new home, I went to talk to my father about advice. And my husband dismissed it as what would he know? he lived in a small house.

Other things too, we will be out and he would make a comment on how attractive a woman is. He will throw comments about how a very attractive secretary tried to hit on him at work. All of this really made me feel uncomfortable about our marriage that it is not as secure as I once thought.

So about six months ago I told him that enough was enough and that I was going to go back to college so he’d have to work extra hard to support me like he promised to. A couple of days later, my husband handed me my divorce papers, essentially laughing in my face for using me the way he did. It was the worst day of my life.

I took him to court, where my lawyer ripped him a new one, ordering him to pay all my living expenses and full college tuition. He could afford it, reasoned the judge. I’m now back in college, studying medicine. I’m single and I couldn’t be happier. It still doesn’t make up for what my ex-husband did, but knowing he’ll be in debt for at least as long as I had to work to put him through school makes me kind of happy.

This story has an acceptable ending…but it’s so sad that this is how some people act! They change over time until they aren’t the same anymore. “This isn’t who I married.” And coming to terms with that is messy. When it becomes nearly unbearable? That’s when the lawyers get involved, and that can sometimes end up even worse. But luckily for this woman, she got what she deserved…and now she’s free of that terrible man!

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