It Was Going To Be A Long Trip…And Their Baby Wouldn’t Stop Crying!

Whitney and her husband were on a long flight from California to Canada with their 4-month-old baby girl, but their peaceful infant sleeping in away in their arms soon woke up and would not be calmed. She wasn’t hungry, she wasn’t gassy, she didn’t want this and she didn’t want that – they tried everything they could get quiet her, but nothing was working.

At first, they thought it would be an easy flight. It was her normal nap time and she fell asleep before the plane even took off…but the captain’s voice on the loudspeaker startled her awake. Whitney was able to nurse her back to sleep…but “about 30 mins later all hell broke loose.”

Since the seats on airplanes don’t rock, the couple didn’t have many other options to soother their daughter.

Eyes glaring, sweat dripping down our foreheads trying to get her back to sleep, in comes the hero of the day… a flight attendant named Ashley. Ashley came up to us and asked if she could take her and walk up and down the isle… first thought in my head was ‘umm a stranger wants to walk my screaming child up and down the isle?!?!’ But she did and got her calmed down.

Now it may not seem like a lot but the experience was amazing. Never would I ever think someone would ever do that, volunteer to take your screaming child, but she did. Westjet (Ashley) i would like to thank you for the over and above customer service (baby whispering) that you gave, truly the greatest airline.

They were so relieved! Babies don’t have any idea what a plane is, or why they can’t be rocked in their favorite chair, or who all of the strangers surrounding them are. Sometimes, they just need a little extra attention! These parents made sure to thank their stewardess and posted this to the company’s Facebook page to make sure that she got the thanks she deserved!

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