It Took Them 3 Days, But They Finally Found The Kitten That Was Hiding In Their Garage!

For a while, she thought that she was hearing things. Their house sits next to a dense forest, but she was sure that she heard a faint meowing sound coming from nearby. It may have been in the garage…but she only heard it a few times before it stopped. Maybe it was outside? Maybe the sound was carrying? She poked around but didn’t find anything.

The next day, she heard the meowing again. It was about 5pm, but she was now positive that the sound was coming from the garage. She enlisted the help of her family, but no matter where they searched, they couldn’t find the source of the meowing. After a while, the meows stopped. They gave up for the night.

On the third day, she was absolutely certain that the kitten was trapped. Why else would it still be in their garage, meowing for help? She brought a floodlight into the small space and began a more thorough search. The two-car garage was stuffed full and there were a lot of spaces for a tiny kitten to hide. Eventually, behind motorbikes and tools and boxes, they finally saw this precious kitten. While he was very young, he was a fighter.

At first, he was terrified…but eventually, he began to eat and gain back his strength! He may have had a rough start in life, but he wasn’t giving up. They plan to keep their eyes open for the mother cat and any stray babies, but they are fairly certain that this is the only kitten hidden inside of the garage.

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