It Shouldn’t Take A Deadly Diagnosis To Realize THIS…Sadly, That’s Usually When People Do.

Taking things for granted seems to be a trait that is really common in people everywhere. Sure, we might appreciate each day, but do we wake up every morning and live like there’s no tomorrow? Not really. Many of us live for the end of the workday, or for holidays. How often have you heard someone say, “I’ll be happier when…” instead of just being happy to be alive? You’ve probably said it yourself a time or two. But stories like these put it all in perspective.

My mom was diagnosed with a rare cancer last fall. It was a complete shock. There is no cancer in our family history. None.
She’s been visiting me from Croatia for almost a month now. Last week on a morning walk, I said to her: “I feel bad that you’re spending so much of your time here just cleaning after the kids and cooking for all of us. I want you to enjoy yourself!”
My mom responded: “I am enjoying myself! I enjoy every moment.“
“There’s no way you enjoy cleaning, mom! No one enjoys cleaning!”

“Kristina, I didn’t think I’d be here today. I didn’t think I’d ever see my grandchildren or you again. So yes, I enjoy cleaning. I enjoy every moment I get here.”

I want to live like that. I want to enjoy even the most mundane parts of life.

Why does it take something as big as a cancer diagnosis to get us to appreciate every single moment we have on this earth?


It’s hard to adopt that sort of attitude. We always want more and better…but appreciating what we already have can be a really beautiful thing. While we might not remember this lesson as often as we should, we can try our best to adopt a more positive viewpoint. Don’t let a diagnosis dictate your attitude!

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