It is a bit chilly today so I let Miss Iris have her daily bath in the sink!

Who let the bird out? Oh wait, it’s the adorable Hyacinth Macaw, Miss Iris. The weather’s a bit chilly outside, that’s why her owner, Gail, is letting her take a bath on the sink. Play this video and see how this majestic bird mind her own business and turn on the faucet without a care in the world.

This bathing beauty dips her head, washes her claws, and finally wets her wings as the water continually pours. When Gail tries to close the faucet, Miss Iris turns it up higher and let the water run some more. When she feels it’s strong enough, she’s back to her routine again. No wonder why she’s looking fresh and clean because she’s taking a shower all by herself.

Pet owners are all blessed with amazing animals. The love that people share to these creatures is truly admirable. Do you have a pet at home that does incredible things like Miss Iris? Share a video and let everyone know!

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