“It Had Nothing To Do With The Badge. It Had To Do With Being A Human Being.”

A toddler was wandering the streets in a high-traffic area, scared, alone, and not a parent in sight. Officer James Hurst responded to an upsetting call. An unsupervised child on a residential street one morning. He was taken to an emergency room in an ambulance, but he was crying throughout all of the examinations. He was terrified, alone, and his situation struck a chord with the officer.

Hurst didn’t think twice about scooping up the distraught child and holding him close. Hurst treated the boy like his own son, rubbing his back and rocking him, letting him know that he wasn’t alone in the world – that someone cared.

The toddler fell asleep, but he was getting heaving. The officer was already wearing about 25 pounds of gear, but he didn’t want to put the child down, so he did what any parent would do; he got comfortable on a nearby bed and waited.
5.17a42The child slept for almost an hour, but stayed with the officer for two. Poilce decided not to file charges since the toddler was given a clean bill of health.

He doesn’t want to be thought of as a hero. “I didn’t run into a burning building, I was just there for a child.”

I’m sorry, but no. I disagree. Anyone who would take the time out of their day, sacrifice their comfort, and go out of their way to helpĀ a terrified child deserves every bit of praise being tossed at them. If this were my child, I would never stop thanking him for the enormous favor he did that day. This is a beautiful thing that he did for the child, and I hope people remind him of how amazing he is every day.

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