It Had Been Over 5 Years Since His Wife Spoke A Single Word To Her Husband…And He Couldn’t Have Been Happier!

Communication is the single most important thing in a relationship. Or at least, that is what everyone says. Being able to express your feelings, thoughts, concerns, and fears is a huge part of sharing your life with someone else. Being open and honest creates a way for two people to connect in ways that they just can’t with other people. A spouse learns to understand what the other person needs before they even ask, and learning to accommodate one another can yield a wonderful relationship. 

So what do you do when you can no longer talk with the person that you’re spending the rest of your life with? One man found out that communication has nothing to do with the ability to speak, and he wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world…

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This is the sweetest story that I have read so far. In the face of death, they stood together and said the last words that they would ever whisper to each other, not knowing if they would get the chance again. It turned out that they would never speak to each other in the same way again, but as their lives progressed and their love continued to grow, they needed to speak less and less. This is the kind of relationship that people write songs about. It’s just beautiful!

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