It All Started When His Teenage Daughter Told Him “You Can’t Wear That” To Drop Her At School

This dad drops off his two kids to school every morning, but there was one thing that always bugged him – the kids were always texting or looking things up on their phones. He wasn’t able to get any quality time with them, and it was really starting to get to him…until one day, the perfect solution came along!

He was ready to take his kids to school one day when his daughter told him that he needed to change. He had tossed on a t-shirt and shorts for the ride for school, but it didn’t pass her standards for what dad should look like in her presence.

The next day? Oops.

And there was more: unless they stayed off of their phones, he would walk them to school like this! He¬†really¬†got into it, choosing outrageous costumes and going over-the-top just because he could! Every day, it ensured that he’d get some quality time with his kids – without their phones – and they’d have a story to tell later on!It has now become a family tradition, and his kids pose as “annoyed” as they possibly can to make the pictures even more hilarious!Dad hasn’t found a costume that he won’t wear. From Santa to Elvis to a hospital patient, making his kids laugh is the most important part of the day! Plus, he gets to talk to his kids without their cell phones!

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