Is Your Windshield Covered In Ice Every Morning? Here’s A Genius Solution To Get Your Car De-Iced And Started ASAP!

If you leave too early for the sun to melt the frost away and don’t have time to scrape at that thick ice for 10 minutes, there is an easier and faster solution that is going VIRAL across social media!

When it gets REALLY cold, you may spend a while sitting in your car and waiting for it to heat up enough for the ice to melt away…but if you’re out running errands, your windshield will just freeze again – even if you’re running into the store for 15 minutes! No one has the time to wait for that, and scraping the ice off is just so difficult. Doing that 3 or 4 times in one day is enough to drive anyone absolutely mad.

So, here’s the revolutionary part…

Grab an empty spray bottle. You can find these in hair care stores, grocery stores, or craft stores.


Fill it up 1/3 with water. Just plain old tap water will do just fine.

Then, fill the rest of the bottle up with isopropyl alcohol. That’s right! Rubbing alcohol.

Just remember the ratio! 1 part water, 2 parts alcohol, and you are good to go! The great thing is that the alcohol won’t freeze, so you can leave this bottle in your car while you’re out running errands.

To use it, just spray it on generously (seriously, rubbing alcohol is so cheap, and water is basically free!) and wait 2 or 3 seconds for the ice to melt away with no scrubbing needed! If the weather is REALLY cold, you can turn on your windshield wipers while you spray to keep the water from freezing back up once the alcohol dissipates. Your windshield will be ice-free!

This solution also works on any frozen locks or door handles. You might want to keep a small emergency travel-sized spray bottle for when your locks are frozen and your large bottle is IN the car, too. Spray it around the frozen locks and doors and wait just a bit before using it. Ta-da!


The paint on your car will mostly likely be able to withstand the alcohol as paints on cars are also made to withstand salt and abrasions, and while some people have switched to a vinegar and water solution, this can eat away at your windshield wipers faster. Try this and see if it works for you!

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