“Is Your Child Ready For Kindergarten?” This School Has Some Pretty High Expectations…

One mom from Tennessee received a flyer from her son’s teacher with a long checklist of skills. Skills that he wasn’t even close to completing.

I have failed to prepare my son for Kindergarten…” She joked.8.3a1

She posted the checklist online, and people were quick to make judgments on the school.

“Last I checked, there were only 26 letters in the alphabet?”

“I’ve met adults that couldn’t follow 2 – 3 step instructions.”

People were confused. From what they could remember about Kindergarten, their only concerns were drawing with crayons, eating snacks, and napping. Until a former teacher chimed in, and suddenly, this list seemed so much clearer!

It is extremely helpful to your child if the teacher has a good idea about where the child is starting. In the older grades, there’s past data and usually some kind of student portfolio. In Kinder there is NOTHING. When a parent fills this out it would be TREMENDOUSLY helpful and save time! I didn’t ever do something like this, but I can say it would take me probably a week or two best case to figure all of this out about every student.

Also, 30 letters means capital and lower case.”

Grade school may have changed quite a bit in the decades since we attended, but it seems the basic principal is still the same. Some kids are quicker to pick up on certain skills than others, and that’s okay – as long as the teachers know where to start, they’ll have those kiddos on the right track in no time at all!

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