Is This The Future? Some People LOVE The Idea Of Being Barefoot. Others Think It’s WEIRD!

Every time the weather warms up, doctors warn us about the dangers of flip-flops, but what else do they expect people to wear when they start to sweat through their feet? Yes, sure, “sandals with straps and support, blah blah blah…” But what if someone were to invent shoes that weren’t actually shoes at all?!

Alright, kidding aside, this is actually pretty interesting.

Instead of physical shoes, an Italian company has come up with a clever way to protect the soles of a person’s feet without the hassle of straps or strings. It’s a stick-on pad that supposedly adheres to the skin with a waterproof seal.

According to the company, they can’t be cut, they can’t slide off, and they are resistant to heat. It sounds too perfect, but some people are really excited about the idea. The freedom to be barefoot but the protection to not cut your feet on gravel sounds pretty cool. They also claim to provide more traction, and grip than a normal flip-flop.

Other people think it is kind of…gross. At $33 per pair, they also think its a bit silly because they can’t be re-used.

What do you think of this futuristic idea? Has science gone too far? I’ll stick to me sandals, thank you very much.

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