Is This A GREAT Idea…Or Have We Gone TOO FAR?! A Few People Have A Surprising Take On This VIRAL Picture!

This picture went VIRAL on social media when someone posted a picture of pre-peeled oranges accompanied by a not-so-nice caption. At first glance, it does seem a little ridiculous. But with everything that gets posted online, we see two sides to the story, and this seemingly innocent picture of oranges in plastic containers gets a little more complicated than anyone expected.


First, we have the people who think that these oranges are a bit pretentious. Well, surprise, surprise, they were thought up by Whole Foods Market, the same people who brought us “Asparagus Water for $5.99” (it was 3 pieces of asparagus…sealed in a bottle of water…) and “Locally Bagged Ice.” So what was their thinking? We’re still not too sure.

Thankfully, users on Twitter were quick to call them out on their wasteful packaging. Sarcastically, of course.


But another side to this story was the hundreds of people that were actually thankful for these pre-peeled masterpieces. Children who aren’t able to peel the oranges themselves due to various disabilities, the elderly who don’t have full motor-control, and anyone suffering from arthritis thought that these pre-peeled fruits were a blessing! They have been pulled off of the shelves for now, but it has started a discussion about the kind of things we could be doing to make life easier for those of us with physical disabilities! 

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