Is This A Fourth Type Of Chocolate?! Why You Might Be Seeing “Pink Chocolate” In The Next Few Years!

We might not see it on shelves for a while, but this new chocolate is being called “Ruby Red” by Barry Callebaut AG, a cocoa processing company that is keeping the secret to the pink chocolate very closely. Those who have tried it report that it has a unique taste that, while is still “chocolatish,” is very different to what they expected.

They claim to have uncovered a way to bring out natural flavors and hues out of the “ruby bean,” a bean from the same species of the cacao bean that we all know and love. The bean results in a chocolate that is a bit fruity in taste but contains no fruit, and is not bitter, sweet, or creamy like dark, milk, or white chocolate.

While the chemical compounds of the bean have been intensely studied, they aren’t telling anyone how they process the beans to bring out the flavor and color, and its likely to be a trade secret kept under wraps for decades to come.

Unfortunately, the company doesn’t actually sell chocolate to the public, but rather distributes it to other companies that do. For that reason, we most likely won’t see it on shelves until 2018…but we think it’ll be worth the wait!

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