Is This A Cat Or A Dog? YOU Decide!

His name is Atchoum, and if he were the character in a children’s story book, he would probably give sage advice and say wise things at every turn.

This adorable animal is confusing people left and right. Is he a dog? Is he a cat? He kind of looks like both. Some people say he must be some kind of hybrid animal – what else could pass as a cat or a dog so easily?!

Here, have some more (equally puzzling) pictures to help you decide.This is a picture of Atchoum having a nap. He sure looks incredibly comfortable!This is a picture of Atchoum after his hair has been brushed upwards in a crazy style. And the answer is…

A cat!

Atchoum is a Persian cat who was born on May 10, 2014 with a condition called hypertrichosis. Nicknamed “werewolf syndrome,” the condition causes abnormal hair growth all over the body. In this cat, it has given him extra long whiskers and tons of extra fluff!His paws are extra thick due to his condition, and while he had to get a super-sized claw removed, he is a perfectly healthy Persian! He has a large following, and people just love to watch this kitty pose and stretch and strut his stuff! Super cute!

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