Is Pokémon Go Really A Fitness App In Disguise? We Think So.

Pokémon Go is a mobile game for IOS and Android that was released in early July of 2016, and the game took over smartphones everywhere. People are crazy for catching Pokémon in “real life,” and will do, it turns out, anything to catch them.

Most handheld games are made for your down-time. Waiting for the bus, spending 15 minutes on the subway, killing ten minutes before your shift starts, or during bathroom breaks, many people use their phones like people used to use newspapers and magazines. But Pokémon Go is different in that it requires you to get up and explore. Using your phone’s GPS signal, players search the map, walking for miles and visiting landmarks to catch Pokémon and challenging other players.

And people are doing it. For Pokémon. Not for their health, but for a virtual pet that they can catch if they just get up off of the couch and search.

Take Doug Byrd, a man who weighs over 500 pounds. He hadn’t done something like this in a long time, but in one afternoon, he found himself having walked over 6 miles to try and catch them. “No pain, no gain.” No pain, no Pokémon.7.11a20

People are chiming in with similar stories.

Just went on a walk for the first time in months because of the new Pokemon iPhone VR game. Not sure what that means for humanity.” Riley Donovan

“like im serious this could be good for little kids who struggle with weight issues because it makes you exercise WITH POKEMON” ¡RIVER! #BLM

Pokemon Go finally gives me a reason to walk my dog” Koofi the Spurs Fan7.11a18

“I walked like 10k today for PokemonGo. This is the best exercise plan ever.” Trevor Taylor

Pokemon GO has done more for child obesity in the last 24 hours than Michelle Obama has in the past 8 years.” WSHH FANS

“#PokemonGo released & suddenly a whole generation is 10 again & starting their #pokemon adventure. Clearly a ploy to get people to #exerciseMatthew Ziff

This game just might change the world. Now, if only people would stop breaking into their neighbor’s backyards and start looking both ways to cross the street!

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