Is It Impossible To Spot The Missing Number WITHOUT Counting From 1? Many Say YES!

A lot of puzzles have been circulating around social media, but this one might be a favorite because it doesn’t have to do with words OR math! It’s just numbers! (Great, right?) The directions are super easy:

Spot the missing number!

When people have been sharing it, they add an extra challenge…don’t count! Can you spot the missing number without counting up from 1? Many people admit that they can’t find it without counting! Did you spot it? This was a tough one to do without counting! Our brains learn from an early age to search for patterns. Often, this means our brain will substitute things that aren’t even there in an attempt to rationalize what it is that we’re looking it. In a lot of cases, people won’t be able to find the missing number instantly because of that crazy trick our brain likes to do! Ta-da! Leave a comment letting us know if you were able to spot it right away! (See if you can trick your friends and share this crazy puzzle!)

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