Is…Is She Okay?! The Person Naming These Yarns Might Need Help!

Nicole and Cordula used to be scientists. From Nuremberg, Germany, the pair began knitting lace shawls in their free time. I mean, who doesn’t love to knit? Creating beautiful things that can be worn and admired is a great hobby! But their hobby turned into a career when they discovered that they needed and wanted some lighter yarn for their knitting projects. There weren’t any light, colorful spools of yarn available in their country…so they learned how to dye their own!

The hobby quickly became a passion, and now they sell the yarn online. The yarn is dyed in custom and unique colors, and is available in either wool or silk yarn. With names like “Flamingo flying too high,” and “Too much caramel cake,” the yarn names went viral.
7.7a8The funny thing is…as outrageous and eclectic as some of these names are, they actually fit the colors really well. The internet can’t stop laughing, and regularly jokes that the person naming these yarns probably has a lot going on in their life. But seriously, if these yarns had generic names like “red” or “light blue,” they wouldn’t have gone viral in the first place! 7.7a9The clever names remind us all to be a little more creative in our everyday lives. Who cares if it will seem a bit strange to other people? The world is made up of many different kinds of people, and being unique is what makes us human. What would YOU have named these yarns?

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