Iowa Man Donates Enough Money To Local Elementary School To Cover ALL Overdue Lunch Accounts

An Iowa man did something amazing and is challenging complete strangers to do the same.

He wanted to feel proud of himself and do something that would help others. He didn’t want to do it anonymously because he wanted others to see why he did it and follow in his footsteps. When people hear about an “anonymous donation,” they don’t always act because “someone else will do it.” It’s anonymous, it wasn’t any one person…and Jerry Fenton wanted to challenge people to positively affect the people in their own neighborhoods and communities.10-28a12

Fenton went to a local school’s administration office and paid for all of the students with overdue lunch accounts. He even put extra money into their accounts so that they would be able to purchase a lunch every day for the rest of the year.

With all of the controversy surrounding schools that give students “alternative lunches” that aren’t always filling, he didn’t want a single student at the elementary school to go hungry because their parents couldn’t pay.

I myself positively affected 89 students today…Now it’s your turn to do something good for your fellow man.” He wrote on Facebook.

He’s owning up to his actions and making sure that others see it, but he didn’t do it for the attention, he did it to inspire others to do the same. So far, it’s working. People have started to contact their local schools and offer to cover overdue lunch accounts as well. Some have remained anonymous, but others have not, saying that if Fenton could inspire them, they could inspire others and keep the good will flowing.

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