Intricate Embroidered Animals Are So Detailed, We Can’t Believe They’re Real!

I’ll be honest, my grandma would be so jealous!

Chloe Giordano is a UK-based illustrator who has a whimsical talent for creating movement and beauty out of practically nothing. With a few threads and an imagination, she has released an incredible collection of work that has grandmas everywhere unable to stay calm. LOOK AT THAT NEEDLEWORK. LOOK AT IT!
The embroidered-by-hand animals leap up from the cloth to steal your heart…and have been doing so since 2013. When she first uploaded the image of a tiny squirrel in full color, people couldn’t get enough. Since then, she has expanded the collection in stunning perfection – with a newfound focus on rabbits. She has made otters, mice, deer, foxes, even birds! Nothing is off limits.She sells prints of her works for others to display in their homes, and each new creation is truly breathtaking. Have you ever seen anything like it?! It’s a lot different than the cross-stitch patterns that we used to play around with as kids, but it just goes to prove that if you can dream it, you can make it! Would you try something as intricate as this?

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