Insurance Failed His Best Friend. One 8-Year-Old Wouldn’t Let Them Get Away With It!

Kamden and Paul are best friends, and until recently, had done everything together. From playing outdoors to hanging out at each other’s homes, there wasn’t much that the boys didn’t love to do. The world was exciting and new, and as they approached the 3rd grade, the world was their playground.

But Kamden wasn’t like most of the other kids that Paul knew. Kamden had been born with a large tumor in his spine that meant he wasn’t able to use his limbs properly. Doctors were able to remove the tumor, but it meant that Kamden was left paralyzed.

His wheelchair was old, bulky, couldn’t fit easily through doorways, and was difficult to maneuver, but it was all the family had. Since it wouldn’t fit into the home’s bathroom, his mother carried him any time he needed to use the toilet. As he grew, this became more and more difficult.One day, Kamden was allowed to try out a different style of wheelchair. It was sleek, light, and most importantly, it would fit in his home, meaning that his mother wouldn’t have to carry him anymore.

That’s when they got the bad news from the insurance company: they wouldn’t purchase a new wheelchair for another few years.

Paul wasn’t having it. He got his parents involved and asked them to help start a fundraising campaign to help his best friend. They asked for $3,900…and as people began to get involved, donations began to pour in! They met the donation in days, and raised nearly $6,000 to help Kamden!

Now, the boys can play together more easily, and Paul is just happy that he was able to do something to help!

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