Instead Of Wearing Black, These Brave Women Donned The Colors Of The Rainbow For This Incredible Reason!

This post went viral, and millions of mothers across the world can relate to this powerful message.

A rainbow baby is a term used for a child born after a miscarriage, a stillbirth, a neonatal death, or the loss of an infant. While some mother love the term because it honors their loss, some women think that the term is unnecessary. I think it’s beautiful, and for those who want to remember their loss, it’s a form of comfort and reassurance that there is always hope.

The women in this post had their photographs taken by a Russian photography duo, Natalia Karpovovy and Elena Gannenko. They were 7 women were participating in an event that celebrates the beauty of pregnant women and to promote family values. It was not originally meant to be a representation of the “Rainbow Baby,” but it so perfectly and elegantly captured the emotion and hope that a Rainbow Baby is.

They decided to create simple skirts out of each color of the rainbow and had an artist paint a brightly colored flower on their pregnant stomachs to match. They took these pictures with the intent of meeting one year later to take a second one.


One year later, they met again, only this time they dressed their children in the colors of the rainbow, making outfits out of their old skirts. The mothers wore white, as they held their babies and toddlers, smiling with pride. These children are miracles, and they have a gorgeous picture to share as they grow up.


Each mother had a photo taken of themselves before and after the babies, and each one is simply breathtaking. The bigger picture, however, is stunning. These two photographs have gone viral, with hundreds of thousands of shares and likes. They have helped mothers who previously thought they should not talk about their losses to realize that there is so much support from their peers.

These photographs have also opened up a dialogue that has been highly criticized in the comments of the post. Some people commented and took the time to shame these women for speaking out about their stories, earning tons of backlash claiming that they missed the point of the term. The point of these pictures is not to offend anyone. The point of these pictures is to give mothers hope and a way to come to terms with their loss in a healthy and beautiful way.

Women all over the world have been able to share their beautiful stories while they share this picture along with it. Even after the greatest of loss, there is always hope for a brighter future for mothers and families everywhere. I love this term because the analogy of a beautiful rainbow after a storm is the perfect way to honor and remember the loss of our infants, and celebrate the birth of those that follow.

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