Instead Of Pizza, Domino’s Delivered $5,000 CASH! And They Didn’t Even RETURN Her Phone Calls!

Selena Avalos ordered pizza one day, but when she began to open the boxes, realized that the pizza shop had made a HUGE mistake! She counted the assorted bills and realized quickly that it must have been the store’s deposit going to the bank. It had been disguised as a delivery, and evidently gotten mixed up with real deliveries instead.  Avalos is the manager of a store, herself, and knew the kind of trouble losing a deposit could get someone into.

She called the store at once but three days went by with no one returning her calls. She didn’t want to be responsible for the money any longer, and as each day went by with no response from the store, she was understandably concerned. It was too much money for the company not to care about.

So, she reached out to her local news station and knew that they could help her get in touch with the right people faster than waiting on the store to return her calls. 10-6a2The folks at the station were able to put her in direct contact with the corporate office of Domino’s, who immediately were able to help her out of the situation. After they had straightened everything out, they thanked her with an entire year of free pizza!

When the story began to circulate, Avalos’ boss heard about it and was so impressed with her honesty, rewarded her with one week of paid vacation. In her case, it pays to do the right thing!


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