Instead Of Buying Multi-Million-Dollar Super Bowl Ad, Kraft Heinz Is Giving Employees A Day Off!

Everyone knows that ads during the Super Bowl are pricey. At a whopping $5 million per 30 seconds of air time (give or take), companies compete to make the most of their budgets. Funny, touching, or shocking, these commercials are usually worth every penny. But Heinz, most known for their distinct brand of ketchup, have decided to try something new.

The company declared that all salaried employees will be given the day off after the big game instead of spending the money on a commercial. This doesn’t apply to their factory workers, which is upsetting some. They are trying to start a viral petition to declare the day a national holiday.

An employee also clarified that they aren’t actually being given an extra “day off.”

They just moved one our scheduled holidays from Christmas Eve to Super Bowl Monday. In previous years, we’ve gotten 2 days off for Christmas. This year, we only have one (Christmas Day) and one less holiday overall. It turns out that this Super Bowl Monday promotion is the holiday that we are missing. So instead of an extra day off, they are just moving up a day that was previously around Christmas.”

The announcement doubles as an advertisement. People were amazed at first, but as more details are leaked about the move, more people are becoming skeptical. What do you think about the company’s move?

Others think they could avoid the whole issue by just moving the game to a Saturday instead.

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