Instead Of Buying A Costly Replacement For Her Sink? She PAINTED It! The Result Is Stunning!

Kelli and her husband moved to a new home, but the fixtures and designs were nowhere near their ideal “dream home.” Filled with beige carpet, beige walls, shiny golden fixtures, orange woods, and glossy faux marble, the home built in the 1990s was definitely a work-in-progress. Although the home was clean and cozy, it wasn’t what they wanted to wake up and look at every single day…so, Kelli decided to do something about it.

She took the projects room by room, focusing on improving one part of the house at a time instead of trying to renovate everything at once. Her favorite project is this sink and cabinet makeover that was very affordable and surprisingly easy.

The paint used is a tub and tile paint (Rustoleum Tub & Tile kit is the one she used) and as you’ll see, made a shocking difference in the look and feel of the room.
8.11a11Replacing the faucet was a must, as well as swapping out the shiny golden cabinet handles to a more modern pair. The cabinet was sanded down and painted a dark navy, so all that was left was to paint the sink.
8.11a12She sanded away the glossy surface and applied two coats of refinishing tile and tub paint. The first layer created a base coat, but resulted in little bubbles. Sanding away the bubbles and adding a second coat of paint resulted in an unrecognizable room! This is a gorgeous makeover, and she did an amazing job!

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