Instead Of A Cake Smash, This 1-Year-Old Celebrated Her Birthday With A Taco Smash!

A popular trend for a baby’s first birthday is to hold a photo shoot of them “smashing” a birthday cake! A cute, miniature cake is placed in front of the baby and they get to eat, smash, smear, and destroy the cake…with a photographer to document ever move! The adorable new idea has quickly become a favorite…but what do you do if your little one isn’t a huge fan of cake?

Some of little Stella’s favorite foods are rice, beans, and tacos! Her┬ámom knew that Stella would have more fun smashing and munching on tacos than digging into a cake, so her first birthday was “fiesta” themed with the tacos to match!

Ahh! I’ve wanted to do a Taco Smash foreverrrr! Way better than a cake smash if you ask me.” The photographer, Lyndsey’s PhotoCo wrote on Facebook.

Stella had a blast! She chewed on taco shells, munched on meat, ate handfuls of rice and beans, and made the biggest mess that she possibly could! They shared the precious pictures on Facebook and people fell in love!

She had so much fun eating her favorite food, and it shows in the pictures! Mom knew what her baby liked, and the results are just so cute! Thousands of people liked and shared the happy little baby, and more people are considering using their baby’s favorite foods instead of cake for their next photo shoot!

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