Instagram Model Hangs Off Of Building In Dubai And Shocks Everyone! (Even Herself!)

Viki Odintcova, a Russian model with over 3 million followers will do just about anything for the perfect shot…and apparently, that includes dangling off of a skyscraper in Dubai. While the shot was pretty epic, her fans were concerned because she didn’t use any safety gear or have any safety nets in place at all: just one guy bracing his arm on a pole.

There at the top of the Cayan Tower, 1,004 feet in the air, she posed for the shot.  

I still cannot believe that I did it,” she said. “Every time I watch this video, my palms get sweaty.”

There was nothing that anyone could do if things went wrong. Falling from that height would mean death – even the water below wouldn’t be enough to save her.

Many have criticized her modeling agency for the stunt, and although the shot was incredible, many fans say that it wasn’t worth it. Others say that they can’t bear to look at the photo because of the carelessness of the people involved.

Where do you stand on this crazy incident?

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