Injured Race Horse Saved From Death By His Love Of Painting

Metro was a wildly successful racehorse, but when he began to have severe health problems, his life took a different turn. Bone chips in his knees caused permanent damage, and he retired soon after. Thanks to two generous people, that wasn’t the end of his story.

Ron and Wendy Krajewski decided to adopt Metro in 2009. Ron, an artist, had purchased the horse for his wife, but they quickly realized that his injuries were a lot worse than they had realized. In 2012, a vet confirmed that Metro’s knee joints were deteriorating. They would be locked up within two years, and he would have to be humanely put down.

But Ron didn’t want Metro to suffer for two years out in the pasture alone. He decided to see if Metro enjoyed painting – something that he, himself, was fond of – and put an easel in the barn. He put a paintbrush in Metro’s mouth and didn’t know what to expect.

In all likeliness, the horse would just drop the brush. But he didn’t. Instead, Metro began to paint, and once he got the hang of it, began to create inspiring artwork that Ron thought others might enjoy.

He put Metro’s paintings up for sale in a local gallery, and surprisingly, people began to buy them.  With the money he earned, Metro was able to receive an experimental treatment. A medication was injected directly into his knee joints, and after just a few months, the vet noticed that the joints were improving. Metro was able to add years to his life.

He loves painting so much, when he sees an easel in the pasture, he will stop eating grass in order to paint.For every painting sold, Metro donates half of the proceeds to a charity that rehomes retired race horses.

So far, Metro has donated $80,000 to help more than 50 other horses in his situation.

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