Incredibly Rare Pink Dolphin Seen Swimming In A Louisiana Lake!

In Lake Calcasieu, the water is different than most. While it is a lake, it connects to the Gulf of Mexico, meaning that the brackish water contains more salt than normal, making it a comfortable area for a dolphin. This specific dolphin has been seen before!

In 2007, captain Erik Rue spotted and named her Pinkie, and she has lived to become a local celebrity. People frequently go on boat tours just to try and see her – if only a glimpse! She has always been curious and friendly and will often come close to the boats that come to look for her. He wasn’t sure that “Pinkie” was a ‘she’ until recently, when he spotted her during mating. Now, people are wondering if she will have a pink baby!9-15a1

Although people¬†know¬†that she is a pink colored dolphin, seeing her up close and personal is still shocking. Captain Rue used to think that she was merely an albino, but albino dolphins are white with pink eyes, but Pinkie is very obviously pink. Regular dolphins have pink colored bellies, and captain Rue guesses that Pinkie’s coloring just happened to be a “genetic glitch.”

Still, no one is sure of her eye color since her eyes don’t actually open. They may have been injured or never fully formed perfectly, but no one can say for sure.

This rare pink dolphin is beautiful!


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