Incredible Artist Infuses His Art With His Surroundings. The Results Are Stunning!

Being an artist means so many things to so many people. Taking inspiration from your surroundings is usually a huge part of that process. For fashion illustrator Shamekh Bluwi, this has never been a more truer belief! He not only creates something beautiful, but also something intimately personal by doing this one crazy thing…allowing his audience to have a say in the final product by cutting holes into his artwork. Hold on, it’s even cooler than it sounds!

Apart from his incredible method, he never misses out on the chance to practice his art. This is a snippet of his personal style on a mug of coffee without his clever method in effect. Breath-taking, right?


Here’s one of his designs…

He takes a knife and cuts out the “fabric” of the outfit. He leaves the designs up to the world around him! Literally anything and everything can be the prints on his fashion, and his fanbase absolutely adores him for it!


Wow. I feel that nature really is a better option than a man-made pattern for these dresses! This is so fresh and inspiring.


Why shouldn’t our clothing represent the world around us? Sure, a solid colored dress is nice, but this is just so much more interactive. I can feel the heartbeat of this city in the design.


This is almost as if she is wearing a mirror ON her clothing. Will this become a part of fashion in the future? I would wear mirrors on my clothes. Very cool.


Would you wear this? I would. This is simply stunning!


I wish they made more clothing like this! I’ve seen clothing screen printed with pictures before, but nothing even comes close to the real thing! She’s wearing the sky!


What do you think about this stunning artwork? It’s no wonder this guy has thousands of fans and followers. His dream is to open his own design house to focus on the gorgeous mixture of fashion, architecture, and the world around us. He has always studied art, but it wasn’t until he studied architecture in college that this strange mix grew into more than just a passion: it became a dream.

These pieces are just so fantastic that I am running out of adjectives to describe them! How do you like these designs? Would you wear something like this, or are you perfectly content to watch them from the sidelines? Gorgeous. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

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