In Utah, The Police Will No Longer Shut Down Lemonade Stands!

Passing with bipartisan support, a new state law in Utah, SB81, declares that occasional businesses operated by minors no longer need a permit. It sounds nuts, but law enforcement often shuts down these illegal lemonade stands across the country because children haven’t applied and paid for the correct permits – some that can cost several hundred dollars. While the children are free to beg on the street, something as small as selling Christmas ornaments or handmade trinkets can get kids into trouble with the law.

The new law also allows kids looking for extra work mowing lawns or clearing snow by going door-to-door, a permit in Utah that costs around $450 in some areas for solicitation permits.
The law extends to the occasional home-based business for adults, too. The state heard hundreds of cases where police were shutting down small attempts to raise money in communities by children, sometimes with the help of their parents, and just decided that enough was enough.

Forcing kids to beg for money instead of working for their extra funds seemed counter-productive, and now, those lemonade stands are perfectly legal…and delicious!

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